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Ten top tips

In this FREE course, Dr Samantha Hardy shares with you her ten top tips for managing conflict. The course includes a downloadable checklist to help you implement these tips in your future conflicts.

1 hour

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AU$99 +GST

Introduction to Conflict Styles

Learn about the five main conflict styles. Complete a questionnaire to identify your most commonly used conflict style. Explore the advantages and disadvantages of each style. Includes a downloadable worksheet to help you choose the appropriate style in any conflict situation.

5 hours

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AU$695 + GST

Conflict Management for Leaders

In this course you will examine the phenomenon of conflict in the modern workplace and develop the knowledge and skills to become the kind of leader who provides just the right kind of response to conflict as it arises – and the kind of leader who prevents unnecessary conflict.

20 hours

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AU$695 + GST

Conflict competency

Explore conflict from three dimensions: perception, emotion and behaviour. Learn how conflict escalates and how to prevent it from getting out of control. Includes videos, quizzes and checklists to help you put into practice what you learn.

20 hours

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AU$1800 + GST

Conflict coaching fundamentals

REAL Conflict Coaching Fundamentals is an online training module designed to be completed at your own pace. During this course you will cover introductory materials relating to conflict and coaching, and you will learn and practise the REAL Conflict Coaching System and skills.

50 hours

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About your trainer



Dr Samantha Hardy is the principal of Conflict Coaching International, an organization that provides coaching and training in conflict management and resolution. She is also the lead trainer for CCI Academy.

She provides conflict support to managers and leaders across the world. Sam has been accredited as a mediator under the Australian National Mediation Accreditation System and is a Certified Transformative Mediator by the US Institute of Conflict Transformation. 
She is an experienced conflict coach and the founder of the REAL Conflict Coaching System. She also holds a PhD in Law and Conflict Resolution, as well as other postgraduate qualifications in adult education.
Sam is a well known trainer and university educator, holding adjunct appointments at a number of universities in Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and the USA.
Sam has also published widely in conflict resolution, including her books: Dispute Resolution in Australia and Mediation for Lawyers.

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