Beyond the table

Business development and marketing for the conflict resolution practitioner


Are you a passionate conflict management professional eager to develop a thriving practice?

Our course is specifically crafted to address the unique challenges and opportunities within the conflict resolution field. Benefit from the insights of industry experts who have successfully established and scaled their conflict management businesses. Engage in practical exercises, case studies, and collaborative discussions to apply your newfound knowledge in real-world scenarios.

As you proceed through the course, you will be supported by coaches and mentors who can help you to apply your learning to your own specific situation and aspirations. By the end of the course you will have a complete business plan and a clear map for your future development.

What's in the course?

The course has 12 modules, which each include 6-8 lessons and activities.


Your "why"

In this module you will consider how you got here and why you want to create this business. Your purpose (or your “why” to use Simon Sinek’s term) is the basis of everything you do. If you are not clear about your purpose, it’s easy to get side-tracked, to send mixed messages, and to waste time on things that are not aligned with your values and goals. You will send time looking at your personal experiences, your values, your reasons for being in this field of work, and your vision for the future. You’ll also practice distilling that into one line that your customers can relate to.


Your ideal clients

Not all clients are created equal! Knowing your ideal client helps you to design your services to better meet their needs, and tailor your messaging to resonate with the specific interests of your target audience. In this module you will clarify who are your ideal clients, where to find them, how to connect with them, and how to best support their needs.


Your competitors

Before setting up any business, it's important to understand the market, and in particular your potential competitors. In this module you will identify your competitors, discover what you can learn from them, describe how you are different from them, and explore ways to turn competitors into collaborators.


Your brand

A clear brand helps create a distinct identity for your business, and builds trust and credibility, which is particularly important when working in the sensitive area of conflict management. Branding is not just about a logo and aesthetics; it is a strategic tool that influences how a business is perceived by its audience. In this module you will look at your business name, your colour scheme and fonts, your logo and your imagery.


Your website

Your website is often the primary point of interaction and information dissemination between you and your prospective clients. It is important to demonstrate your credibility and professionalism, but also to build connection and trust. It is a versatile tool for communication, marketing and interaction, and is essential for your business. In this module you'll consider different ways to develop your website, what kind of content and images you need, and how to maximise it for web searching.


Your social media

Social media provides a dynamic and influential platform that can enhance communication, build relationships and amplify the reach of practitioners. Social media allow you to engage with potential clients, distribute content, make your brand visible, network, and increase your impact in your community. In this module you'll learn how to set up your social media profiles, which platforms are right for you, how to manage scheduling and posting, and managing interactions through comments and messages.


Your content

Content marketing establishes your expertise and builds trust and credibility. It also promotes conflict management as a field and raises awareness in the broader community.ou to engage with potential clients, distribute content, make your brand visible, network, and increase your impact in your community. You'll learn how to use blogging, podcasts, keynote speaking, newsletters and other forums to share your content. You'll also discover how to harness the power of AI in developing your content.


Your sales and client experience

Once prospective clients have found you, the next step is for them to actually engage your services. You need to know how much to charge, and how to turn enquiries into business. As conflict management professionals, we have some relevant skills and practices that can make the sales process comfortable, personal and rewarding for all concerned. In this module you'll consider pricing your services, how to manage enquiries, what to do in introductory consultations, and how to optimise your clients' experience from initial contact to post-service follow up.


Your networks

In a service based business like conflict management and resolution, networking is essential. Clients are not always aware of the services you offer, or how to find them. Much of our work often comes from referrals from others and so building and maintaining strong relationships with our networks is essential. There are also particular considerations in networking in the conflict field that need to be carefully navigated to avoid ethical issues from arising. In this module you'll discover the power of networks, as well as how to establish and nurture them.


Your ethics

You have probably already learned about the ethical requirements of engaging in mediation and coaching practices. However, there are also particular ethical obligations and dilemmas involved with marketing and selling conflict-related services. In this module you will learn how to run, develop and market your business ethically.


Your documents

As well as attracting prospective clients, once they are ready to engage your services, it's important to have the right documentation and business processes to make service provision a smooth and transparent process. In this module you will develop relevant documents (information sheets, brochures, agreements, invoices, etc.) necessary to actually run your business. You'll hear from practitioners who have very different approaches to how they use these documents, and you'll be able to develop your own portfolio of documents that align with your practice and your brand.


Your professional support

Working as a professional in the conflict management field can often be a lonely business, particularly if you are a one-person enterprise. It is important to ensure that you have the right professional support to help you continue to provide quality services in an ethical way. In this module we consider the kind of support you need, including debriefing, supervision, reflective practice groups, collaborations with others, and possibly a business coach.

Personal business plan review

At the end of the course, Nick Carter will provide you with two-hours of one-on-one individualised feedback and coaching to support you to review your business plan.

Business brainstorming sessions

Throughout the year we will be offering four 2-hour business brainstorming sessions. These will be live on zoom, and any students in the course can attend to participate or just listen and learn. Students can submit questions or topics for discussion in advance of these sessions and then attend live to discuss these with Megan Lewis and other participants.

Individual business coaching

If you'd like more individual support during your business development journey, you can book one-on-one sessions with Nick Carter or Megan Lewis at any time throughout the course to address your specific needs. These are charged at an hourly rate, but you can also purchase packages of 4, 6 or 12 sessions.

Meet some of our presenters

Dr Samantha Hardy

Dr Samantha Hardy is the principal of Conflict Coaching International, and the Director and Lead Trainer for CCI Academy. She is an experienced mediator and conflict coach and the founder of the REAL Conflict Coaching System™. She provides conflict support to managers and leaders across the world. She also provides professional development training, supervision and mentorship to mediators and coaches who work with clients in conflict.

Megan Lewis

Megan has been providing professional conflict resolution services on the mid north coast of NSW since 2011 and established The Resolution Network in 2013. Prior to embarking on a formal career in mediation, Megan spent 18 years working as a communicator across a range of industries and held managerial positions in the corporate and not-for-profit sectors with responsibilities across Australia, New Zealand and Asia. Megan is passionate about helping people find solutions and make well-informed choices for their future when they find themselves in conflict. In addition to mediation services, Megan provides communication coaching and small group training.

Nick Carter

Nick is a mediator and family dispute resolution practitioner in the process of setting up a collaborative practice. He has a background as an entrepreneur and has extensive experience in sales and marketing.

Peter Hanson

Peter Hanson runs a conflict resolution practice, providing Family Dispute Resolution for separated parents. He runs a highly successful Facebook group with over 6000 members.

Sarah Blake

Sarah Blake is a business strategist and highly experienced mediator. She has been running her own practice for many years and received many awards for her innovative approach and dedication to the field. She is a regular guest on television and radio, speaking about all things related to conflict.

Vesna Cvjeticanin

Vesna is a mediator who specialises in elder mediation and workplace/business conflict. She also runs a weekly radio program Mediation Today in which she interviews mediators from Australia and internationally about their practice.

Laura May

Laura May PhD is the host of the Conflict Tipping Podcast at Mediate.com. She was previously the Executive Director of the International Mediation Institute.

Tamir Berkman

Tamir Berkman, aka "The Divorce Cowboy" provides coaching for men going through divorce.

Scott Dutton

Scott Dutton, aka "the Conflict Whisperer + Fun Maker" is an accredited mediator and social worker. He was the 2021 breakthrough speaker of the year (Professional Speakers Australia) and is a certified Speaking Professional.

Tammy Lenski

Tammy Lenski is a multi-award winning conflict management coach, speaker and author. She is the author of two books: Making Mediation Your Day Job and The Conflict Pivot.

Emily Barnes


Shelby Timmins


Margaret Halsmith


Debbie Dunn


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What past students say

Marketing is not something I find easy or even enjoy – having to put myself out there is a challenge but unfortunately, it is essential. The Beyond the Table course has been great, full of lots of practical and common sense advice and knowledge from others who are also in the industry and understand what is needed. I like that you can drop in and out of modules as you feel you need to concentrate on an area of your marketing plan and just need a refresh or reminder of the path to take.

Krysteen McElroy

Mediator, South Australia

Officially celebrating hitting the $50K milestone in my biz!

Angela Morales

Personal Coach

Officially celebrating hitting the $80K milestone in my biz!

Maria Jane

Founder Digital Agency

Since I joined the program officially celebrating hitting the $100K milestone in my biz!

Laura Anna

Financial Coach

Officially celebrating hitting the $70K milestone in my biz!


Sales & Business Coach

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