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Braving the Conflict Arena Webinar!

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The difference between fear and armour

Defining blame

Often in conflict situations we feel fear – we are afraid of the interaction and its consequences. We often feel the need to ‘armour up’ to protect ourselves in conflict situations. 

Watch the clip above where Brené explains the difference between fear and armour, and consider the following questions:

  • How do you “armour up” in conflict?
  • When you receive feedback what is your “go-to” armour to protect your heart in conflict?
  • When do you show up with courage and alignment to your values in conflict?
  • When do you not?

Blame is a very common (yet unhelpful) part of conflict. 

Watch the clip above about Brené Brown’s definition of blame, and consider the following questions:

  • What are your key takeaways from this video?

  • How does this change your view of blame in conflict?

  • Does it change your response to blame?