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Conflict Leadership Program

Develop your conflict leadership so that you can create environments in which conflict creates opportunities not difficulties.

Combine learning, coaching and reflective practice sessions to take your conflict leadership to the next level!

What you get in the program

Access to all CCI Academy Online Programs

Conflict Leadership Program members have unlimited access to all our online programs during your membership. Over 200 hours of content to increase your conflict knowledge and skills, worth over $8000!

Conflict Leadership Coaching sessions

Conflict Leadership Program members attend a monthly 2-hour Conflict Leadership Group Coaching / Reflective Practice session. Numbers are limited to eight members per session to ensure that you receive individual attention for your conflict leadership challenges.

Masterclasses, Webinars and Drop-In sessions

Conflict Leadership Program members have free access to monthly REAL Masterclasses, regular Webinars and monthly 'drop-in' sessions, during which you can bring questions or a case study along for review and support. These will all help you to develop artistry in your conflict leadership journey.

Conflict Leadership Resources and Network

Access our archive all all past webinar and masterclass recordings (over 80 hours of additional learning). Continue your conflict leadership journey by networking, peer support, and sharing with other members through our private discussion platform.

I joined the Conflict Leadership Program because I needed a mentor program for conflict skills. I have taken many courses, but I forget or cannot use the skills practiced in real-time situations. In my life and work, it seems that I get in the same conflicts again and again without resolutions and I come away feeling defeated and dejected instead of finding peace and growth. Right from our very first group coaching session I felt that it was a safe place. I’m very reflective and I like to think things through, but I don't talk to a lot of people. I have tons of friends, but I don't have folks that you can have these kinds of conversations with, in a safe space. So I really appreciate that. I find that we bounce off each other well and discuss each other’s ideas and questions. We take the ideas and then work together, and that is really kind of special. It's a safe space in which I can ask questions, but I can also say how I'm feeling and know that it's going to be held well. That's not just because we're from three different countries, but that probably helps! I think the other part of it for me too, is the professional development and the mentorship on how to handle things in conflict. I find that even if I've learned the skills or taken a class on the skills, it's easier to use them after we’ve discussed them and been able to practice. There is plenty offered in the program, including online training and interactive sessions. I don’t have suggestions for improving the program, but I find that it’s definitely helping improve myself!
Rev. Stephanie McClellan
Minister in The United Church of Canada

Membership Options

Annual membership


PER YEAR (+GST if applicable)

Elite membership


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Frequently Asked Questions

Members are able to access one course at a time, but you can complete as many as you like during their membership. As new courses are added to our offerings, you will also be able to access them as part of your membership.

Yes! While it’s cheaper to pay up front, we have monthly payment plans available to help you budget.

The program is designed for people who work with people in conflict – but you might do this in a variety of different contexts (e.g. as a consultant or private practitioner, as a manager in an organisation, in a government department, or an NGO). So long as you are committed to working towards a more peaceful future, you are welcome to apply!

Our numbers are limited to ensure that every member gets individual attention. 

The group coaching sessions are held over zoom, usually during the last week of each month. We try to schedule them at times that suit people from different time zones (so early morning or late afternoon). 

Individual coaching sessions for Elite Members are held at times that suit them. Elite Members can book them at a regular time each month, or on an as-needs basis.

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