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Tuesday 17 SEPTEMBER 2019 - Conflict Management For Leaders

Managing conflict is a fundamental part of a leader's role, but one for which they are often unprepared. Learn how to become a trusted and respected leader, who manages conflict early and constructively, minimising the risks and maximising the opportunities that conflict presents. Identify and develop the attributes of a conflict competent leader, who prevents unnecessary conflict and effectively manages unavoidable conflict so that it becomes a learning experience for all concerned. Become the kind of leader who welcomes conflict.

Tuesday 22 OCTOBER 2019 - Conflict Stories And How They Entrap Us

When we are in conflict, we tend to think and talk about it in a particular way. We tell ourselves (and others) the story of our conflict, and as we tell and re-tell it, our conflict story typically becomes more simplified and less helpful. Learn some of the common characteristics of conflict stories, and how these tend to make it more difficult for us to manage and resolve our conflicts constructively. Develop some strategies to develop our default ways of thinking and talking about conflict to open up our conflict stories to new improved possibilities.

Tuesday 19 NOVEMBER 2019 - Learning From Conflict

Conflict, when managed effectively, has many benefits. One of the main positive outcomes from constructively managed conflict is the learning opportunity it creates. Conflict is a chance for us to learn more about each other, how and why we might see things differently, and our respective needs, concerns and values. Learn how to create an environment in which difference and diversity become an opportunity for development and growth, not fear and avoidance.
Learn how to learn from conflict!


Tuesday 13 AUGUST 2019 - Introduction To Conflict Management Coaching

Learn how to use a simple coaching model to help others manage and resolve their own conflicts more effectively, and to develop their capacity to manage other conflicts in the future. As a manager, coaching can save you time and energy - instead of trying to sort out your employees' conflicts, you can give that responsibility back to them. It also has long-term benefits, because it gives your employees the opportunity to learn and develop their competence and confidence to manage conflict more constructively in the future.