ACTIVITY: Goal setting

In this activity you will be given some client goals, that do not fit all the SMARTY elements, and you need to come up with some questions to ask the clients to help them develop their goal into a more developed goal meeting the SMARTY criteria.

ACTIVITY: Boundaries

Read the following scenario: Each year Personnel Solutions has a Christmas party, which is organised by staff who volunteer to help out. Usually the same staff members volunteer and spend a lot of their own time making the party a success. They organise the theme, venue, invitations, music, food and drinks, as well as the …

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ACTIVITY: Your conflict style

This exercise will give you an indication of your preferred method of dealing with conflict. Please Note: The process of thinking about the statements below is more important than the numbers calculated from your responses to these questions. There are no “right” or “wrong” answers, and this instrument is not “standardized”. Some people who complete this …

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ACTIVITY Ladder of inference

Pat and Fazni work in a government department. Pat is a team leader, and Fazni is a member of another team. They attend a meeting in which Pat presents a report on an important project. Pat is very enthusiastic about the project and the outcomes that his team has achieved.  During Pat’s presentation, he notices that …

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