Develop your competence and confidence to manage and resolve conflict.

Whether you are an individual hoping to improve your personal or professional relationships, a manager seeking better strategies for managing staff conflict, or an experienced coach or conflict specialist wanting to expand your services or develop advanced skills – we have the course for you.


Ten top tips

In this FREE course, Dr Samantha Hardy shares with you her ten top tips for managing conflict. The course includes a downloadable checklist to help you implement these tips in your future conflicts.
AU$99 +GST

Introduction to Conflict Styles

Learn about the five main conflict styles. Complete a questionnaire to identify your most commonly used conflict style. Explore the advantages and disadvantages of each style. Includes a downloadable worksheet to help you choose the appropriate style in any conflict situation.
AU$695 + GST

Conflict competency

Explore conflict from three dimensions: perception, emotion and behaviour. Learn how conflict escalates and how to prevent it from getting out of control. Includes videos, quizzes and checklists to help you put into practice what you learn.
AU$297 + GST

Working with conflict stories

People often get trapped in their own conflict stories. This course explores how we typically tell conflict stories to ourselves and others, and how they tend to work against us managing our conflict effectively. It introduces some strategies to help people shift their conflict stories into one in which they are the hero of the next chapter.
AU$997 + GST

Conflict Management for Leaders

In this course you will examine the phenomenon of conflict in the modern workplace and develop the knowledge and skills to become the kind of leader who provides just the right kind of response to conflict as it arises – and the kind of leader who prevents unnecessary conflict.
AU$997 + GST

Braving the Conflict Arena: Being courageous in conflict

This course applies the work of Brené Brown on courage to the conflict arena. Explore the dynamics of conflict and how they can make us vulnerable. Learn how to be courageous in conflict, so you can manage it effectively and confidently, and keep your integrity intact! Includes modules on values and integrity, armour and boundaries, curiosity and generosity, conflict stories and self-care in conflict.
AU$2497 + GST

Conflict coaching fundamentals

REAL Conflict Coaching Fundamentals is an online training module designed to be completed at your own pace. During this course you will cover introductory materials relating to conflict and coaching, and you will learn and practise the REAL Conflict Coaching System and skills.

Conflict Leadership Program

Combine monthly coaching sessions with access to all CCI Academy online courses, as well as an engaged peer support group. This program is for people who are really serious about leading people in times of conflict and working towards a more peaceful future. The program is by application only, and requires a commitment of 12 months.

Managing emotions in conflict

Emotions can cause conflict. Conflict can cause emotions. Conflict and emotions are inherently linked. In order to effectively manage conflict, we need to be able to manage emotions. In this course you will learn how to manage your own, and others’ emotions in a constructive way in conflict situations.